The Times They Are A Changing

We are experiencing a society where truth is no longer considered a virtue. A society where manufactured news goes beyond being managed to fit a view point but one where news defies all logic and critical thinking.

The danger for the fire service and first responders is that civility too has apparently crashed and burned. Unlike the police, firefighters and EMTs have been rarely exposed to hostile actions while performing their property and life-saving tasks. That may begin to change.

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Panels Turned Off? They Can Still Bite…!

Photovoltaic Devices…better known as“Solar Panels”, have become very common. If not totally familiar with the technology, it might be a good idea to do a little research and include the topic in a training session or two.

Basically, under the general heading of solar panels there are two distinct types with two very different functions. The most common are the Photovoltaic panels which generate electricity and then there are the Thermal heating panels which provide hot water and heat swimming pools. Other than the dead load weight they add to the roof, the thermal panels present little concern for fire fighters. However, the Photovoltaic panels are a different issue.

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Volunteer Dilemma … Volunteering is in Your Heart

For years now it has been lamented that fewer and fewer people are available or have the desire to make the commitment to be a volunteer firefighter. The excuses are many, the motivation however is pretty straight forward. Helping others at the level first responders help is not common, it is a matter of unique human wiring.

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Take Note But Judge Each Not All

The image on TV could not be more penetrating, a Dallas police officer manning his post Thursday evening obviously in stress and grief. Squatting down eyes raised to the sky, then his face buried in his hand. His post he must man, while his friends and colleagues are dead and dying.

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The Volunteer Dilemma – Volunteering Leaves a Legacy

For the past decade it has been lamented that fewer and fewer people are available or have the desire to make the commitment to be a volunteer firefighter. The training requirements have increased, people no longer work in the community in which they live, they no longer have the time, etc, etc. The reasons for the problem are many but what about the answers to that problem… perhaps … not so many.

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Everyone is Watching…Ladder Operations

Today’s social media such as YouTube has created the phenomena of “armchair” fire buffs.

I admit that upon occasion I indulge in checking out what the brothers (sisters) have been facing. Two things jumped out at me the other evening. As with everything else almost every fire scene was being videoed by several professionals, many armatures and just about every bystander that showed up.

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But that isn’t What I Meant!

When posting to a social media site remember this simple rule: A picture is worth a thousand words and it is very difficult to correct or change that message with only 140 characters.

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