About Engine House 87

4th generation firefighter, Pete Adams

Today’s firefighters and first responders are more knowledgeable, more sophisticated and more technically astute, but much of the tradition and motivation of today stems from the actions of the brave souls who were armed with little more than a rubber coat, a wooden ladder and usually a less than adequate stream of water.

As a 4th generation firefighter, Pete Adams founded Engine House 87 to share the stories, education, and opinions with the first responder family. His passion born of his family’s fire service heritage was honed over the years as a firefighter and coming up through the ranks in a small New Jersey fire department as its training officer and chief of its fire prevention and public education efforts. Many years later, he acquired invaluable insight into the realm of trauma and crisis management as a volunteer Team Leader of a crisis response unit for a major Phoenix, Arizona suburban department.

This site is dedicated to the true tales of quiet heroics, dedication, and empathy within each man and woman who serves or served as a first responder. We offer sections on opinions, education, products, firefighter gifts, historical photos and crisis response education.

What to say... what to do! Emotional first aid when something bad happens. Engine House 87 is a not-for-profit organization providing education and support of traumatic after incident trauma and emotional first aid. When a fire or sudden death strikes, the trauma of such a catastrophic event is overwhelming for those involved. The "crisis victims" experience confusion, panic, grief and anger. Whether a first responder, neighbor, friend or relative, you may be called upon to react and provide support. Support in the form of "emotional first aid". As a responder to the crisis, your mission is to manage this fluctuating and often complex situation. Prepare yourself, become familiar with the various scenarios experienced.