Early on, firefighting was different than the sophisticated technologically supported endeavor it is today. While first responders are more knowledgeable, more sophisticated and more technically astute much of the tradition and motivation of today stems from the actions of the brave souls who were armed with little more than a rubber coat, a wooden ladder and usually a less than adequate stream of water. Based on this heritage and these traditions this not-for-profit organization was created to support areas of concern to all first responders and after crisis emotional First Aid activities. Contact Us to become a member today and be one of the first on scene.

Johnson's Brave Deed article

Ladderman Joe Johnson’s Brave Deed

A True Story. . .The Night Of The Park Hotel Fire

This is a reproduction of an actual newspaper article written in the style of the time about the exploits of Ladderman Joe Johnson of the Columbus Ohio Fire Department the night of the Park Hotel fire in October of 1902.

As an aside, Joe Johnson stood 6 foot 7 inches tall… no wonder he was a member of a ladder company.

Read this actual newspaper article written in the language of the early 1900’s.